Ruptured vein in the shower? Often the heat from a shower will soften the skin and a vein will bust creating a murder scene in the shower. If this occurs hold firm pressure and seek medical assistance if the bleeding does not stop with 10 minutes.



One of the most common times a vein will rupture is during a hot shower or immediately after a shower. The hot water softens the skin and if there is a vein that has a very thin wall the vein can bust while drying off. Usually these types of veins are directly on the surface of the skin and have a dark blue/grayish color (picture above). It is important not to pick small scabs on veins like this as they can cause the vein to rupture.

ER visits are common when a vein like this burst. The increased venous pressure makes these bleeds a mess! Don't worry you may lose some blood, but it is not enough to cause serious concern. Holding direct pressure is essential to getting the ruptured vein to stop bleeding. Elevation of the leg also helps assist in taking pressure off of the leg and decreasing venous pressure in that area.

You can prevent vein rupture by avoiding long periods of standing, wearing compression stocking or socks, being careful when drying off and by seeking vein treatment to decrease the venous pressure in the leg.