About Us

University Surgical Vascular is a group of Board Certified Vascular Surgeons.  We are dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of vascular disorders.

University Surgical Vascular is uniquely suited to treat a wide range of vascular conditions in our office based labs and endovascular suites.  Our goal is to help our patients feel better while avoiding the need for hospitalization.  Avoiding hospitalization saves time and effort, minimizes the cost of care and eliminates the many of the risks associated with hospitalization.  All of our physicians, staff and technologists have years of experience focusing on exclusively on vascular care so you can be sure that you are receiving the highest level of care.  

Our vascular ultrasound labs are staffed by experienced certified vascular technologists that focus 100% on vascular disease.  Frequently, new patients will have a diagnostic vascular ultrasound performed to help our doctors and mid-level providers see precisely what is happening with your arteries or veins.  Ultrasound exams are painless and take about 30 minutes. 

If our providers determine you will benefit from a procedure on your vessels you will be treated in one of our endovascular suites in Athens or Gainesville.  An endovascular suite is a special sterile environment in which our surgeons use live x-ray called fluoroscopy or ultrasound to image your vessels and guide treatment.  The common procedures performed include laser athrectomy , angioplasty and stent placement for blocked arteries or endovenous vein closure for venous insufficiency and varicose veins. 

We offer four locations equipped for minimally invasive treatment of most all venous and arterial conditions: Gainesville, Braselton, Demorest and Athens. We believe your health and your time are important and we strive to guarantee that you receive the personalized care and treatment that every patient deserves.

Contact us today! Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is available to arrange your preliminary exam and consultation.